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The Importance of Restoring and Protecting the UK’s Commercial Building Exteriors

The structure of a building is key to its ability to stand for years and years. As a building’s structure degrades, so does its visual appearance and appeal.

And that’s when building owners begin to consider replacement or even demolition as a solution so that they can establish a new, visually pleasing building in its place.

But a recent study conducted by the Institute for Water and Waste Management, Aachen Technical University has discovered that the environmental impact of demolishing old buildings can far outweigh its benefits.

“Demolition waste is a major part of industrial waste” that consists of “small amounts of hazardous substances,” the study suggested.

Therefore, commercial facade restoration is a practical and cost-effective alternative to replacement or, in very extreme cases, demolition. Not only does it make financial sense but it also has fewer adverse impacts on the environment.

Restoring and protecting the UK’s heritage is essential, given the importance it holds in preserving history. But have you ever wondered what it takes to restore and protect the UK’s commercial building exteriors?

What causes facade damage over time?

Deterioration in building facade condition can easily go undetected for long periods of time. It is a gradual process and does not happen all at once.

Factors such as the age of a structure, the materials used in the construction, local pollution, climate, water and weather damage among various other phenomena – can degrade the condition of a commercial building facade.

Without regular inspection, the damage can become more obvious and accelerate the ageing process. But when the signs are clear that a building exterior is in need of maintenance, it is vital to respond promptly to minimise damage.

Why the UK’s commercial building exteriors need protection and restoration

It is not an exaggeration to state that commercial building exteriors in the United Kingdom need better preservation.

This is because property managers regularly have to deal with a seemingly high number of maintenance issues, particularly those concerning moisture from building roofs; freeze-thaw problems related to building masonry; and degrading exterior surface coatings of building walls and facades.

Restoring commercial properties back to their original glory can offer excellent architectural and aesthetic charm to our neighbourhoods.

Updating old buildings can also help to preserve the local history and heritage within our neighbourhoods, keeping key business areas of the UK’s towns and cities thriving with commerce and services.

Responding to facade damage

Professional commercial facade refurbishment services can help restore properties back to their original condition. With the right facade restoration partner, you can protect and restore your commercial buildings for decades.

Commercial cladding restoration

Commercial cladding restoration helps the exteriors of buildings look more aesthetically pleasing, which can actually improve the longevity and resale value of a building. It can also reduce the need for maintenance and repairs in the future.

Commercial facade refurbishment

You can also opt for a complete refurbishment of your building’s exteriors with a commercial facade refurbishment strategy.

A property with an unclean facade looks unsightly and poorly maintained. With such a strong visual impact, it’s likely to result in creating a negative perception about your business from visitors and competitors.

A professional facade refurbishment service can restore and repair scratched glass surfaces, remove dirt, pollution, concrete spills, and clean up any contamination on the surface.

Glazing panel restoration

Stopsol glazing panels used to be a popular choice among commercial property developers because of the impressive aesthetics they added to a building’s facade. But the old buildings that had them are often desperate to get rid of them today due to the build-up of pollution deposit on them.

Since replacing these panels with new ones can be incredibly expensive, consider investing in a Stopsol Glazing Panel Restoration service instead. See Brilliance uses dedicated products to restore these panels back to their original glory at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Discuss your commercial building restoration options with our facade cleaning experts and learn how you can best protect your property.

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