Stone Restoration UK: Cleaning Historical Buildings

Stone restoration UK wide has always been an extremely popular service sought out by building managers, landlords, businesses and various others with an interest in preserving the original look of a building. This is particularly true of buildings that have an historic background.

This often leaves businesses in such buildings with a moral responsibility to upkeep the original look of the building; however, there may also be legal requirements if a building has been listed. Whatever the case, it is also important to keep the look of a building for reasons that are purely good for business. A clean aesthetic gives off a good impression to customers and clients. This is often done through the restoration of stone facades or cladding cleaning techniques. It is, however, important to understand the differences between restoration and conservation. Both can intersect with one another, but there are differences. Conservation of a building is to preserve it as it appears now, whereas restoration involves returning a building to how it originally looked. When it comes to stone restoration, this is done via the use of steam powered systems such as DOFF or JOS Torc that do not damage the stone, but are highly effective at removing the likes of dirt, algae, chewing gum and graffiti. In fact, these are the systems used by both the National Trust and English Heritage when it comes to listed buildings. This is because no chemicals are used in this process. So, if you are looking for cladding cleaning services for a stone building, look for a provider that uses steam-based cleaning systems.

That is exactly what you'll find if you utilise the services of See Brilliance Ltd. For 30 years, we have been providing stone restoration UK wide for a variety of clients that own commercial properties. You can view our past work and read customer testimonials at To book our stone restoration services, just call us on 01635 230 888 or email [email protected].