Stone Facade Cleaning Options: What Are They?

Stone facade cleaning is an extremely important service to businesses all across the UK. Due to our reliance on stone as a building material – whether it's natural sandstone or manufactured concrete – there need to be ways in which this material can be effectively, efficiently and affordably cleaned.

There are a few methods that can be employed when it comes to cleaning a stone facade. One very popular option is the DOFF or JOS TORC facade cleaning systems for stone. The DOFF or JOS TORC systems doesn't use any chemicals – instead, they clean masonry and stonework by utilising steam at a high temperature. Due to the method of these systems, the surface is not completely covered in water, meaning that the surface doesn't become saturated and dries within mere minutes of the cleaning being performed. The lack of water used also makes it ideal for busy streets as it causes less disruption due to water not falling down the side of the building. The absence of chemicals also makes these systems popular with the English Heritage and National Trust organisations when it comes to cleaning the masonry and stonework of their historic, listed buildings. Of course, there are other systems of cladding cleaning that can be used such as cold water pressure washing which is ideal for concrete pavers or asphalt. Irrespective of the system used, you're going to want to find the ideal cleaning company to complete restore the look of your building's stone facade.

So, which stone facade cleaning providers can offer the best solution across the UK today? Our team at See Brilliance Ltd have been performing delicate, effective, affordable and high-quality stone cleaning and restoration for over 30 years across the UK. For more, visit us online at, call 01635 230 888 or contact us today [email protected].