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Seeing a brilliant spring in 2021

It’s great to be busy. After coming together to endure a challenging year in our country and world, the See Brilliance team is happy to be steadily returning to new and long-standing projects.

With so much of 2020 and the year so far defined by working restrictions and challenges, the steady easing of lockdown means our specialist teams are more readily equipped with the freedom to move, scale and restore buildings and facades across the country. We’re excited to be back and as is our tradition, wanted to share with you what’s new.

Restoration and cleaning work continues

In the 30-plus years we’ve been in operation as a company, we’ve seen the signs of facades and structures in need of attention many times. As restrictions ease, many buildings – Heritage, offices, and high-rise – are in a state that merits careful skill and attention. From shopping centres in need of graffiti removal and window cleaning to brick and stone surfaces waiting for gentle cleaning and debris removal, it’s plain to see across the UK.

As the phones open up more each month, we’re reminding our past and potential clients of the three key areas we’ve championed as important and valuable in façade and building restoration.

Metal & glass: Common to the capital and many other city and business centres across the UK, surfaces like UPVC, glass, stainless steel and anodised aluminium all require specialist restorative cleaning techniques to achieve a lasting restorative finish.

There’s a lot to consider here. Is the surface polyester powder coated? Stainless steel? Does the location of the façade require abseiling or a Mobile Elevated Work Platform? These are important points that matter to the facility managers, landlords, tenants and contractors we provide our services to.

Stone: We’re no stranger to Heritage sites and listed buildings. In many cases, that means working with stone surfaces that may be degraded or vandalised and in need of a gentle restorative approach in order to avoid scarring or damaging the stone.

Our operatives use highly specialised methods such as Stonehealth-approved DOFF Steam Cleaning and TORC cleaning. The DOFF method – and the products and machinery involved – uses precise low pressure and high-temperature water to restore masonry facades and to remove and kill damaging natural accumulations like algae spores.

Graffiti: That kind of gentle and environmentally-friendly style of cleaning is also what we use for graffiti removal, which is sadly an issue that continues to cost property owners and Local Authorities millions of Pounds each year. The same gentle approach, applied correctly, removes vandalism from a stone surface or facade.

One of the problematic aspects of graffiti is that it’s commonly sprayed over delicate and easily damaged surfaces, necessitating a cleaning process that avoids the use of abrasive products and high-pressure cleaning machinery.

Working with leading façade manufacturers

With facade longevity, safety, and the environment now major factors in our industry, See Brilliance is currently working with leading façade manufacturers to add to our product line, producing products that can extend the lifespan of the facades we clean and restore in a more enviro-friendly way.

Virtual CPD seminars are still on

We’re pleased that our CPD seminars are ongoing. For the time being these will be conducted remotely for the safety of all involved, but they will still contribute the same amount of CPD points as in-person events did in the past. And once it’s safe and allowed by the government to do so, we’ll be right back to in-person seminars.

Government guidance on COVID-19 restrictions will determine when we are allowed to conduct CPD in person again (hopefully very soon!).

For more information or to book your virtual CPD seminar please visit our CPD page.

Keep an eye out for us; there’s a gift in it!

It’s wheels on the road once more as the country steadily re-opens, and that means See Brilliance vehicles around your neighbourhood!

To give a little back to our clients and followers, we’re offering a free gift to any person who tweets a picture of one of our live projects or vehicles to our Twitter page over at @See_Brilliance.

Here’s to a great year ahead

That’s all from us for now. In closing, we’d like to thank our long-standing clients who have continued to stay in touch and arrange the services of our teams in recent months. After a tough year for us all, it’s exciting to be on the cusp of a return to normal.

As property owners and businesses get steadily back into the flow of things, we’ll remind you once more that our team is ready and available to restore your buildings and facades quickly, affordably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

See Brilliance has over 30 years experience in specialist restorative cleaning of metal, glass and stone. We provide façade and cladding restoration, restorative cleaning services, DOFF Steam Cleaning, graffiti removal services, and much more, all across the UK.

If you’d like to get in touch today, it’s 01635 230 888 for a phone call or [email protected] to send an email directly to the team. Stay safe and be well.

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