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Latest commercial building facades and trends

The market size of the commercial building construction industry in the UK reached £14.1bn in 2021, and all signals are positive that the market will at least remain buoyant as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a world led by architecture, there are often facade trends that define generations of commercial buildings. Unique facades offer an identity and image to any business premises; they are also a fantastic reflection on construction styles from various periods in time.

That’s why many businesses are investing in commercial building renovations and restorative cleaning options to increase the lifespan of their buildings, improve their visual appeal, and attract more customers. Here are some of the most popular commercial building facade trends of today.

Energy-efficient green buildings

The demand for ‘greener’ building facades is increasing, owing to both the long-term cost saving potential and the increasing environmental responsibilities being heaped on UK businesses. Awareness about energy saving and thermal efficiency are major factors expected to fuel the growth of the market over the next decade.

Today, modern glass facades are popular because of their energy efficiency and visual appeal. According to a recent study by Glass for Europe, glass is a major contributor to energy efficient buildings. Commercial buildings made from glass curtain wall facades, which can transmit light while maintaining heat resistance, are expected to open avenues for the growth of speciality glass manufacturing in the future.

Well-maintained properties adding to asset value

Maintenance is an essential part of property ownership. Regular maintenance, such as removing concrete spills and keeping glass facades spotless, can ensure that commercial spaces maintain their asset value.

In fact, commercial facade refurbishment can improve a building’s visual appeal, help it sell more quickly, and attract a higher price than those that are not looked after, over time.

Timely maintenance can also ensure that commercial buildings are safe, compliant and up-to-date with all local or national statutory requirements.

Commercial facade restoration

In the last few years, there has been an increased focus on the restoration and redevelopment of buildings.

You could argue that it is more cost-effective to simply demolish an older, dilapidated building and replace it with a new one as opposed to restoring it. But hiring a wrecking ball is not always the answer for every project.

Commercial cladding restoration can make old buildings look like new again. This can be done by removing years of accumulated pollution, filth, and dirt to bring the building’s exterior back to its former glory.

Renovating old buildings to extend their lifespan can help adapt them to the modern world. At See Brilliance, we use specialist commercial facade refurbishment restorative techniques and products to restore facades and cladding to an almost ‘as new‘ appearance:

Using Specialist Techniques to Restore a Building Facade

Source: See Brilliance Case Study


Plain, simple, minimalist facades

One of the more recent commercial building trends is known as minimalism. Its simplicity defines the modern minimalist facades of the present, compared to the complex and ornate designs of the past.

Property owners also want to see cleaner surfaces. That means no graffiti, no pollution build-up, and no concrete spills from nearby construction sites. With Heritage buildings in mind, a clean and well-maintained surface can improve the longevity of the building material for years to come. Techniques like DOFF Steam Cleaning and TORC Cleaning are often used to safely restore older buildings made of stone.

Commercial facade cleaning (also known as restorative cleaning) can include scratched glass repairs, surface contamination removal, graffiti removal and restoration of polyester powder coated surfaces. It can leave commercial buildings with a polished and pristine look with an increase in their overall value.

Vibrant and colourful exteriors

The desire for more variety in facade colours is ongoing even though minimalism is on the rise.

Traditionally, the most commonly used facade colours have been grey, white, beige, or brick red. These hues mimic the style of nearby buildings or walls and work well to reduce the visual impact of a building on its surroundings.

But there is a widespread demand for using more vibrant colours which can suit the style of the building and its surrounding environment while adding colour to the public spaces.

Sleek brick-like panel designs, metal and wooden sidings and claddings are also some of the more frequently chosen facades today.

Finally, there is yet another growing demand for decorative facades that offer a more contemporary appearance to commercial buildings.

Whether you want to restore your building’s original charm with commercial cladding cleaning or improve your office’s visual appeal, See Brilliance can help! Get in touch to transform your building’s facade.

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