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The importance of professional facade and cladding restoration

The UK’s towns and cities have been built around stunning buildings both old and new. We’re rightfully proud of our architecture, be it from the incredible Walkie Talkie building in London through to Dover castle and Winchester Cathedral.

As much as we adore and respect our Heritage buildings, however, the fact remains they need care and attention just like any other.

Even though many Heritage buildings are preserved in part to their above-standard build quality, cladding and the natural stone common to older building methods is still prone to decay and deterioration. Left alone, this vital part of our history would diminish and fall into disrepair.

DOFF Steam Cleaning offers the solution

Fortunately, the UK is home to specialists who work behind the scenes in an effort to keep our invaluable, one-of-a-kind structures and sites gleaming and safe for visitors. Based in Newbury, See Brilliance works diligently across the UK to keep Heritage and listed buildings in good repair and visual quality.

Specialist techniques like DOFF Steam Cleaning are a safe and effective way to restore the look of a building without damaging surfaces or substrates.

Boasting a precise low-pressure (1200 psi) and high-temperature (150°C) steam cleaning method, the DOFF Steam Cleaning system is also highly effective at graffiti removal and stone restoration without causing damage to surfaces.

A gentler façade restoration system

With recent work including the careful restoration of the multi-storey White City One building in London, it’s easy to see the skill and experience that goes into such an operation. White City One alone is a giant building, showing an impressive multi-story façade that spreads hundreds of thousands of square feet. All of this area is prone to falling into disrepair if left alone – a problem notably solved by See Brilliance after years of pollution caused the building’s aluminium panels to become soiled and unsightly.

This was a project made possible in planning, with careful work and diligent reference to the health and safety regulations of the region keeping our restorative cleaning team safe and happy.

The See Brilliance team worked on the White City One façade restoration project using a range of effective yet environmentally friendly cleaning processes designed to restore the heavily polluted external panels to their previous shine.

Work like this isn’t just about aesthetics, however; there’s real value and importance in extending the longevity of a building as much as possible. A structure that is regularly cleaned by cladding restoration specialists like See Brilliance is one that will see its facades and outer surfaces lasting as longer – while looking beautiful all the way.

Restorative cleaning for the future

Following the multimillion-pound investment at Westminster Abbey to restore stonework on the 13th century building, Westminster City Council recently released a report on the importance of maintaining facades and masonry of its historic buildings.

The report concluded that, although the work can sometimes involve a hefty upfront investment (particularly for buildings as large as Westminster Abbey), the benefits provide a good return on the initial investment.

“A well-maintained building will retain a strong visual appeal, but the most important benefits extend far beyond just aesthetics. In the case of buildings in London, many of which are listed, keeping the building’s exterior clean results in longer lasting masonry, fewer corroded areas and more effective water drainage.”

Explains our Technical Director Nigel Bennett.

“From a tourism perspective, it also enhances the experience for 31 million tourists who visit our glorious capital each year.”

See Brilliance restorative cleaning services

See Brilliance has over 30 years of experience in specialist restorative cleaning of metal, glass and stone. We can provide façade and cladding restoration, DOFF steam cleaning, graffiti removal, and much more, all across the UK.

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