Giving Your Building a New Lease Of Life With Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

When cladding is new, it looks amazing. The problem? Dirt, dust, grime and pollution soon take their toll.

Once this happens, buildings lose their shine and soon look old and uncared for. One answer to this is to replace or renovate the cladding; a common solution that is nevertheless expensive and time-consuming, commonly leaving you with substandard cladding.

The alternative? Contact a truly experienced specialist company for the work.

Cladding: What it is

Cladding is added to buildings to improve both the quality of the exterior and the interior insulation. When done properly, it also provides additional fire resistance. If you have paid for high-quality cladding that meets fire and safety regulations, the last thing you want is for dirt, dust and general wear and tear to reduce its effectiveness or overall look.

Once pollutants become attached to the cladding, if they are not removed through cladding cleaning services, they cause unsightly damage. Once this happens, you are left with the choice of replacing or renovating the cladding to stop the damage and degradation from spreading further.

Given concerns over the quality of some of the newer cladding options, replacing effective and safe cladding is not a road you particularly want to risk travelling. Similarly, renovation is expensive and time-consuming and relies heavily on finding experts that understand the cladding process and can restore it to its original high quality. Given the risks attached to both these approaches, it is better to be proactive and deal with the dirt and pollutants before they build up and begin to cause problems. This can be achieved through cladding cleaning.

Choose an Expert Service

Facade cleaning and restoration is not something that can be undertaken by just any firm; it takes a more specialist approach. Given this, it is important that you hire seasoned professionals that know how to approach each job with the care and attention to detail that is required.

How do you do this? Your first step should be to check the company’s reputation and standing within the profession.

Quality building facade cleaning companies that take their profession seriously will have memberships to professional organisations related to their sector. This could include SafeContractor and CHAS, for health and safety awareness and safe practices, and the Centre for Windows and Cladding Technology, which allows them to keep up to date with the latest technology and training in cladding field.

As well as professional accreditation, it is important to check for personal references, testimonials and recommendations. Such information will be included on the websites of companies that value their customers and are proud of the work that they have achieved. A site survey should be undertaken before any enquiry is made.

Not only does this ensure that you can be made aware of exactly what needs to be done, how it will be done, and the costs that are involved, but it also ensures that the work can be carried out safely and within all current regulations.

Building cladding is an excellent option for many buildings if it is installed correctly and is well maintained. Cladding cleaning from a reputable and responsible company allows you to ensure that not only does your building look good, but it continues to adhere to all safety regulations.