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Facade Restoration of Metal, Glass or Stone

Facade restoration is most often associated with the preservation of buildings, both historic and modern. In commercial settings within the UK, there are generally several facade materials that you see: glass, metal, stone, or composite facade panels and cladding. Stone materials for building facades can either be manufactured (e.g., concrete) or natural (e.g., sandstone or granite). Natural stone is one of the UK’s oldest building materials and can be traced back to even the aptly-named Stone Age. Concrete, on the other hand, is a composite material created through combinations of aggregates.

Facade cleaning of natural or manufactured stone surfaces is often undertaken using restoration systems like DOFF Steam Cleaning which uses a combination of superheated steam at high temperatures (up to 150°C) and low pressure. This restoration system is generally highly effective when performed correctly by trained professionals, providing a safe and efficient way to restoratively clean the surface without damaging it. Metal is mainly used as the structural framework of modern buildings, but it can also act as cladding to the exterior of a building. As this surface is exposed to the harsher elements of the UK’s weather and climate, it can become dull and damaged.

A company specialising in cladding cleaning can restore a facade back to its original look and feel, often at a fraction of the cost of replacement or even respraying. Facade restoration is also the most environmentally friendly option compared to total replacement, so the cleaning and restoration of your facade should always be the first consideration.

By focusing on the restoration of your building’s exterior-facing glass, metal cladding and stone facades, you are saving money, time and effort compared with total replacement. For more information about our commercial facade and cladding restoration services, call 01635 230 888 or email us at [email protected].

Facade restoration: Transform your building’s exterior with expertise from See Brilliance

At See Brilliance, we specialise in bringing new life to commercial and industrial buildings through our expert facade restoration services. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to reviving the beauty and integrity of various building materials, from anodised aluminium and glass to UPVC or stone. We understand the importance of a building’s appearance and how it reflects on your business, which is why we focus on delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our specialised cleaning and restoration process is tailored to the unique needs of each surface type. Whether it’s stainless steel or polyester powder coated surfaces, we employ the most effective techniques and products to ensure your building’s facade looks as good as new. Our approach is meticulous and thorough, ensuring every inch of your building’s exterior is treated with the utmost care and precision.

For architects, fit-out contractors, and building consultancies, our services offer an invaluable resource in maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of your projects. We understand the challenges and nuances of different materials, making us an ideal partner for facade restoration projects of any scale.

Landlords and tenants alike will appreciate the transformative impact of our facade restoration services. A well-maintained building not only enhances its value but also attracts and retains tenants. Our expertise in surface-specific refurbishment means that every aspect of your building’s exterior will be restored to its original glory, making a lasting impression on visitors and passers-by.

Facility managers and facade producers can rely on See Brilliance for long-term maintenance and protection solutions. Our facade restoration and maintenance services are designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of commercial building exteriors, prolonging their lifespan and saving costs in the long run. We don’t just restore facades; we protect them against future wear and tear, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Choosing See Brilliance for your facade restoration needs means investing in quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your building’s exterior into a showcase of brilliance.

Hear from our satisfied clients

“Facade refurbishment is a big part of our business and have found by using See Brilliance as true partners we have both successfully undertaken some very challenging landmark projects delivering them to our clients on time and budget.”
Structura UK Ltd

“See Brilliance carried out restoration works to our building at Capital House in London, restoring the metal, glass and stone. We were delighted with the works carried out. They were extremely professional and client focussed throughout the project.”

“See Brilliance provide a continual and professional approach to each and every project from the initial costing at inception all the way through to the site operatives undertaking the works. The high quality and standard of finishes speaks for themselves.”

Exceptional service, brilliant results: Discover the See Brilliance difference

We’re not just experts in facade restoration; we’re commitment to customer service excellence. Our ethos of providing an outstanding experience for every client sits at the heart of what we do. From your first enquiry to the final reveal of your revitalised building, our team ensures a smooth, hassle-free process, tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding that each project is unique, we offer personalised solutions, ensuring that our services align perfectly with your requirements. Our dedicated professionals are always ready to go the extra mile, offering expert advice and keeping you informed every step of the way. With See Brilliance, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner in a journey towards restoring the beauty and integrity of your building.

We pride ourselves on delivering results that speak for themselves. But don’t just take our word for it; our history of satisfied clients reflects the standard of excellence we bring to every project. Trust See Brilliance for a service experience that is as exceptional as the results we deliver.

Elevate your building’s appeal with us now!

In conclusion, choosing us for your commercial facade restoration needs is a step towards ensuring your building not only looks its best but also maintains its value and integrity for years to come. Our expertise, combined with a commitment to excellence, makes us the ideal choice for architects, facility managers, and commercial property owners across the UK.

Don’t let your building’s facade lose its lustre. Take action today and give us a call at 01635 230888 or email us at [email protected]. Our team is ready to discuss your specific needs and offer a tailored solution that brings out the best in your building.

Make the smart choice for your property. Contact us now and transform your building’s exterior into a showcase of brilliance and professionalism. Your building deserves the best, and so do you.

Unveiling the brilliance: Key features & benefits at See Brilliance

The journey to restoring and maintaining the facade of your building is an intricate one, demanding not only skill but also a deep understanding of the right products and techniques. At See Brilliance, we don’t just restore; we transform your building with an array of unique features and benefits. These offerings set us apart in the realm of commercial facade restoration, ensuring your building not only looks its best but is also preserved for the future. Let’s delve into what makes our services exceptional.

  • Advanced Restoration Products and Techniques: Utilising specialist, non-abrasive techniques and neutral pH, sacrificial-based systems to restore facades to an ‘as new’ condition.
  • Protective and Non-Damaging Treatments: Employing treatments that effectively remove dried-out polymers, leaving behind a protective silicon/wax layer that preserves the substrate’s micron thickness.
  • Rigorous Health & Safety Training: Our operatives undergo comprehensive health and safety training, reinforced by in-house support and continuous training when required. Learn more about how we work safely at height here.
  • Over 30 Years of Industry Leadership: Harnessing three decades of expertise in commercial restorative cleaning of metal, glass, and stone building facades.
  • Tailored Project Approach: Every project is individually assessed for suitability and cost-effectiveness, guaranteeing optimal and bespoke results.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance Reduction: Our services are designed to lessen ongoing maintenance, restoration, and refurbishment costs, while significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings.

In essence, See Brilliance is more than just a service provider; we are your partner in preserving the beauty and integrity of your building. With our unique blend of advanced techniques, bespoke solutions, and a commitment to safety and cost-effectiveness, we ensure that your investment in facade restoration yields lasting and spectacular results. Trust See Brilliance to bring a new level of excellence and care to your building’s exterior.

Transform your building today with us!

Embarking on a facade restoration journey with See Brilliance means choosing a path of excellence, where every detail is meticulously addressed to bring out the best in your building. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring that your facade restoration project is not just a task, but a transformative experience.

Imagine the impact a rejuvenated building facade can have, not just on aesthetics, but also on the value and perception of your property. With See Brilliance, this transformation is just a step away. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every phase, ensuring a seamless and satisfying journey to a brilliant building exterior.

Don’t wait to make this crucial investment in your building’s future. Visit our contact page at https://www.seebrilliance.com/contact/ and fill out the form to get started. You can also check out our blog to learn more about facade restoration.

Facade Restoration FAQs: Your questions answered


What types of buildings benefit from facade restoration?

Facade restoration is beneficial for a wide range of buildings, including commercial, industrial, historical, and listed properties. This process rejuvenates the exterior, improving aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, making it ideal for any building that has experienced wear, weathering, or ageing.

How long does a typical facade restoration project take to complete?

The duration of a facade restoration project varies depending on the size and complexity of the building, as well as the extent of restoration required. Generally, small to medium-sized projects can take a few days to a few weeks, while larger projects may require several weeks or more. Our team at See Brilliance ensures efficient and timely completion without compromising on quality.

Is facade restoration environmentally friendly?

Yes, facade restoration can be environmentally friendly. At See Brilliance, we use sustainable methods and materials where possible, including non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques that minimise environmental impact while ensuring effective restoration.

Can facade restoration improve a building’s energy efficiency?

Absolutely. The accumulation of dirt and debris can compromise the energy efficiency of any commercial building facade. Where a glass curtain facade is used, energy efficiency can be drastically improved  through proper cleaning and maintenance of the glass facade, ensuring that natural light can enter the building and internal heat cannot easily escape. Learn more about the benefits of commercial facade restoration.

How is facade restoration cost determined?

The cost of facade restoration is influenced by factors such as the size of the building, the type of materials used in the facade, the extent of damage or deterioration, and the specific restoration techniques required. At See Brilliance, we provide a detailed assessment and a transparent quote, ensuring our clients understand the value and necessity of each aspect of the restoration process.

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