Facade Restoration For Metal, Glass Or Stone Is Possible

Facade restoration can often be a service associated with the preservation of historic buildings. While it is true that operators in such an industry can be involved with these kind of projects, exterior restoration of houses, a block of flats or offices, business premises and so on happen on an everyday basis.

In commercial settings within the UK, there are generally three building materials that you see: glass, metal and stone. The latter two, particularly, are very wide categories – stone materials for buildings can either be manufactured (e.g. concrete) or natural (e.g. sandstone, granite). Natural stone is one of the UK's oldest building materials and can be traced back to even the aptly-named stone age. Concrete, on the other hand, is a composite material created through combinations of aggregates. Facade cleaning of natural or manufactured stone structures is often done using water and steam and is highly effective when performed correctly by professionals. Metal is mainly used as the structural framework of modern buildings, but it can also act as cladding to the exterior of a building. As this surface is exposed to the harsher elements of the UK's weather and climate, it can become dull and damaged. A company specialising in cladding cleaning can come in and completely restore the original look and feel of these finishes. The amazing thing about restoration is that it is often at just a fraction of the cost that replacement or even respraying would incur. So, the cleaning and restoration of facades and cladding should always be the first consideration.

By focusing on the restoration of your building's exterior-facing glass, metal cladding and stone facades, you are saving money, time and effort. At See Brilliance Ltd, we are the UK's only provider of stone, glass and metal facade restoration under one roof. For more, visit us at https://www.seebrilliance.com, call 01635 230 888 or email us via [email protected].