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DOFF Steam Cleaning: The revolutionary restoration method

In the world of commercial facade and cladding restoration, our quest for efficient and environmentally friendly methods is an ongoing challenge filled with new technologies and smart cleaning methods.

In terms of breaking new ground, DOFF Steam Cleaning is a technique used by See Brilliance operatives to safely restore many types of building facade including historic stone, monuments and listed buildings.

Developed in the UK by our partners Stonehealth, DOFF Steam Cleaning is a restoration system which uses precise low-pressure high-temperature steam to deliver exceptional cleaning results along with numerous advantages compared with traditional cleaning methods.

In this article, we explore the benefits of DOFF Steam Cleaning and why it has become a preferred choice for our facade restoration and restorative cleaning projects. Let’s take a look.

Powerful and versatile cleaning

DOFF Steam Cleaning harnesses the power of high-temperature steam, typically reaching temperatures of up to 150°C (302°F), to effectively remove dirt, grime, moss, algae, fungi, and other contaminants from various surfaces.

From exterior building facades and monuments to statues, Heritage sites, listed buildings and delicate surfaces, DOFF Steam Cleaning offers impressive versatility, making it suitable for a diverse range of restoration projects. Its ability to clean without the use of harsh chemicals also makes it an environmentally friendly choice for See Brilliance customers.

Gentle on surfaces

One of the key advantages of DOFF Steam Cleaning is its gentle approach to stone restoration.

Unlike traditional pressure washing, which can sometimes damage sensitive stone facades and surfaces, DOFF Steam Cleaning is non-abrasive and non-destructive. The controlled emission of steam coupled with a specially designed nozzle ensures that our operatives can clean and restore surfaces with harming delicate materials such as limestone, sandstone, terracotta, and brickwork.

DOFF Steam Cleaning is often recommended by the National Trust and English Heritage, making it an ideal option for the restoration of older stone facades, historic buildings, heritage sites, and delicate architectural features.

Deep penetration and long-Lasting results

The high-temperature steam generated by the DOFF system penetrates deep into porous surfaces, effectively dislodging ingrained dirt, pollutants, and organic growth. This deep cleaning action ensures thorough removal of contaminants and provides long-lasting results.

Whether it’s removing graffiti from your external walls or eliminating years of detritus build-up on your commercial building facade, DOFF Steam Cleaning delivers a pristine finish that can outlast many traditional cleaning methods.

Elimination of biological growth

Moss, algae, lichens, and other biological growths not only mar the appearance of buildings but can also cause structural damage over time.

DOFF Steam Cleaning’s high-temperature steam effectively kills and removes these organic growths, preventing further damage and inhibiting regrowth. By eradicating biological growth at its root, DOFF Steam Cleaning also ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for commercial buildings and their occupants.

DOFF Steam Cleaning in Action - Restoration of industrial unit frontage

In this recent project, See Brilliance operatives fully restored the front facade of this industrial unit using DOFF Steam Cleaning to remove organic residue and detritus caused by weathering and vehicle pollution. The exterior of the unit was restored to an almost as-new condition.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

In an era where sustainability is a top priority, DOFF Steam Cleaning stands out as an environmentally friendly cleaning method.

The process uses high-temperature steam as the primary cleaning agent, minimizing the need for harmful chemicals or excessive water consumption. By reducing the reliance on chemical cleaning agents, DOFF Steam Cleaning promotes eco-conscious practices, making it an excellent choice for environmentally responsible commercial façade and stone restoration projects.

Preservation of historical and cultural heritage

Historic buildings, monuments, and cultural landmarks hold immense significance and require meticulous care during cleaning and restoration.

DOFF Steam Cleaning provides our facade restoration operatives with the tools needed to gently restore and preserve many types of historical and cultural heritage. With precise control over the steam output, our operatives can remove stubborn dirt and pollutants without causing damage, allowing Britain’s architectural and historic marvels to be admired for generations to come.

Restoring the UK one façade at a time

The benefits of DOFF Steam Cleaning are undeniable. Its powerful cleaning capabilities, versatility, and gentle approach make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

See Brilliance, which is a Rosette Approved Contractor for DOFF Steam Cleaning, has more than three decades of experience providing specialist facade restoration and stone cleaning services for commercial building owners and historic sites across the UK.

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