Cleaning K Rend Is A Specialist Job

Cleaning K rend can be a difficult and intensive task that only becomes more difficult as the scale of a building's size increases. Despite how effective K rend silicone can look on a building, it can become discoloured and dirty due to constant exposure to water. Given that the UK is home to a lot of rain, this can be quite problematic.

Obviously, the importance of creating a great impression to your customers is very important. A building exterior that looks dirty can say a lot about your business practices. Whether those impressions of your business are true or not is, of course, irrelevant. One solution is to, of course, reapply or repaint the render; however, this is neither cost-effective nor eco-friendly. The true solution is employing a regular cladding cleaning system. This is because no matter how many times you re-apply or re-paint silicone rendering, it will continue to get dirty and become home to dirt, algae and moss. Not only that, but algae can also end up permanently discolouring the render if left unchecked for too long. If left even longer, there's a possibility that this algae and moss could even get into the building's fabric which weakens the building materials; reducing the value of your building. Irrespective of the severity of algae damage, this then requires you to strip out the render and replace it anyway. So, cleaning is the only sustainable and cost-effective solution. This can be achieved by hiring a company providing cladding cleaning services.

It is important to find the right provider. After all, if you hire the wrong contractor who uses the wrong chemicals and methods when cleaning K rend, this will cost you even more money to correct. Hire the experts first time around – hire See Brilliance Ltd. Read more about our facade restoration and cleaning services at To book our services today, either call 01635 230 888 or email us via [email protected].