Cleaning Cladding: Important At The End Of A Lease

Cleaning cladding has become a consideration that many businesses have awoken to in recent years. This is largely because landlords of commercial properties have been getting more and more specific when it comes to a property being left in the condition that it was originally leased in.

Some ten years ago, this wasn't a consideration and landlords were more relaxed about the look of the interior and exterior of a property coming back to them after a lease. This was because there was a surplus of businesses around and a shortage of properties for rental. Because of this, the condition of the building wasn't as important. In the modern business world, however, landlords are struggling to find businesses for all their commercial properties and landlords have become more concerned with the condition of their properties. Buildings in poor condition won't be taken when there is a surplus of buildings elsewhere that are in far better condition. A surveyor working for the client in such cases (known as 'dilapidations') can be extremely helpful in identifying areas where repairs would be needed to avoid any expensive legal claims. Often one area that is identified for repair or restoration is the exterior. Facade and cladding cleaning is required to ensure that a property's exterior is being restored to the original look from when the property was first leased. To avoid any legal claims, it is important to have such a job performed by specialist professionals offering facade and cladding cleaning services.

So, avoid the wrath of a meticulous landlord and hire professionals when it comes to cleaning cladding or facades. At See Brilliance Ltd, we provide all the practical support and documentation to ensure that you have a robust defence if a landlord decides to try and take legal action. For more on our dilapidations and end of lease work, please visit, call 01635 230 888 or email [email protected] today.