Cladding Restoration Or Replacement For Powder-Coated Materials?

Cladding restoration is a service that all businesses that own buildings or properties could probably make use of at some point. However, restoration isn't the only option for your building – there is also the ability to repair, or respray the coating. So, which is the best option to go with?

The correct answer is undoubtedly restoration. This is because restoration costs just a fraction of the amount that respraying or replacement can cost. In the case of replacement, this is because you must replace all elements and cladding of a facade. This takes lots time and effort – both of which cost money. Re-spraying is perhaps more analogous with restoration; however, it tends to still be about three times more expensive than restoration. This is mainly because cladding cleaning doesn't require the costly materials required for respraying and because it is more effective than respraying. A good effective clean can help to remove issues, while at the same time restoring the original, fresh look of the powder-coating. While respraying gives the material a brand new look, it doesn’t remove the dirt and corrosion that is underlying. However, it is important to get this cleaning process correct by using the right contractor. This is because the cladding cleaning services provided by an inexperienced contactor can end up causing long-term damage to the underlying aluminium substrates. This isn't due to just the competency of the workers involved, the substrates can also be affected if workers are provided with the wrong materials for the job.

This is where an experienced cladding restoration contractor, like See Brilliance Ltd, can help. Our team has over 30 years’ experience in providing expert cleaning and restoration of a number of facades and cladding materials made from metal, stone and glass. For more, visit us online at, call 01635 230 888 or contact [email protected].