Cladding Maintenance Tips For Long-Lasting Exteriors

Cladding maintenance is something that every business should be aware of – whether they are leasing, or own, a commercial property. Cladding plays an important part in protecting the exterior of a building, whilst also providing an attractive look that impresses clients and stakeholders alike.

Keeping cladding in good health is important. This is done by performing regular cladding cleaning and maintenance. Because common aluminium cladding generally features an organic powder coating or a porous stainless steel finish, damage can occur to these coatings over time due to numerous external factors. These can include the effects brought about by long-term exposure to water, the cold, the sun, wind (sediments and dirt), rain, pollution, cobwebs and other external factors. Over time, these external factors not only affect the coating, but can also affect the underlying metal substrate. Thankfully, with a proper maintenance plan in place, these coatings and the underlying metal can be protected and a 'good as new' look can be achieved. This reduces the chances of the foundations of your building from being affected by external factors and thus ensuring that the value of your property is not affected. But how do you go about protecting these coatings and cladding? What is the best tip? Well, the best tip is to contact restorative cleaning professionals who offer cladding cleaning services. They can ensure that the job is done correctly and with no further damage being caused to the metal or the coating.

It's important to find the right specialists to perform this job as inexperienced cladding maintenance companies may use the wrong materials or chemicals that further harm the long-term health of your cladding. Thankfully, you will find no such inexperience with See Brilliance Ltd – we've been in the industry for over 30 years. For more, visit us at, call our friendly team on 01635 230 888 or contact [email protected].