Cladding Cleaning: What Is Cladding?

Cladding cleaning is certainly something that you will need to consider if you have cladding on your home or office building. Cladding is the terms used to describe materials that are fixed to the primary structure of a building. Cladding is non-structural (ie the building does not need it to stand safely) and is usually used as a final decorative step in building. Cladding can be useful when it comes to protecting a building from the elements, however. Wind in particular can cause structural issues for buildings as it puts pressure on them, weakening the structure. Cladding can prevent, or at least limit, this.

Facade Cleaning: What Can Cladding Be Used For?

Although cladding is, as mentioned above, mainly used for decorative purposes, it can have other uses too. Cladding can create an internal environmental which is completely controlled, offering protection from the harshest of cold winters and the hottest of summers. Cladding helps to regulate temperatures inside which will save homeowners money on their energy bills. This is why ensuring that any facade restoration is done in a timely manner is important, otherwise the internal temperature may no longer be controlled. Cladding also provides an element of security and privacy, giving each home an extra layer on top of the original building materials. Not only that, but cladding can even prevent the transmission of too much sound. This means that you can go about your daily activities without worrying that the neighbours can hear your every move. And, vice versa, you will find that the exterior sounds of the street aren’t so loud in your home if you have cladding installed. Cladding can even prevent the spread of fire if it is installed in the correct places as it is an extra barrier. And of course, it can make your home stand out from those around it. Facade cleaning will give a good impression of your home and show it in a good light.

Cladding Cleaning Services: The Best Way To Restore A Building’s Exterior

No matter what kind of cladding your building is covered in, whether it be glass, metal, stone, wood, or a manmade material, cladding cleaning it regularly will keep it looking good, and protect it from the elements. Cladding cleaning services are a cost effective way to do this. Re-spraying a building can be very expensive, and the results, although good, still won’t last forever. It is much better to use cleaning for your general cladding maintenance instead of a full re-spray – cleaning is approximately one third of the cost of the re-spraying, and the results are just as good. Replacing the cladding entirely is another incredibly expensive thing to do, and it isn’t always necessary. There are specialist cleaning solutions that many landlords and tenants use at the end of a tenancy that don’t require any kind of cladding removal and replacement, and these only cost about one twelfth of the price. The specialist techniques used restore and protect the facades of building, bringing the surface back to looking like new. And, if you choose the right cladding cleaning company with the right equipment then the products used will have a neutral pH, and be non-abrasive. They will remove all the organic and environmental dirt, and leave behind a layer of wax and silicone. This layer is added protection for your cladding.

Facade Cleaning: Cleaning And Restoring Metal Facades

Cladding cleaning can be carried out on any kind of cladding. Metal cladding is especially vulnerable to dirt and decay, and having a professional facade cleaning company do the work for you will mean you get the most out of your metal cladding. There are a number of different varieties of metal cladding including powder coated, stainless steel, GRP, and anodised aluminium. If you are not sure which type you have on your home or office building, make sure you contact a cleaning company that offers a free site survey, or one that can work on all kind of metal cladding. Or preferably one that can do both to give you the ultimate in peace of mind. You should also look for a company that applies their products – non-abrasive, environmentally friendly products – by hand. This is important because it allows the cleaner to see exactly where they are working, and nothing will be missed. And it also means that no loud tools are used, which is good for the environment and your neighbours. It means you can continue to work, for example, without being disturbed. Cleaning UPVC cladding and metal cleaning are both important aspects of keeping your building in the best condition, especially since corroding metal can cause additional damage if it is not restored promptly.

Cladding Cleaning Services: Cleaning And Restoring Glass Facades

Glass facades can come under all kinds of attack from the external elements. These problems leave them with etching, scratches, soiling, staining, and even concrete deposits that stick to and in the glass. Traditional methods of cleaning glass caused more scratches, but modern methods are much more gentle. Some of the best facade glass cleaning companies use ground up volcanic rock. Surprisingly, this does not actually cause any damage to the glass, but it removes all the dirt and limescale deposits, making your view beautiful once more. Glass is not the only thing that gets dirty on a glass front building – the security film that is sometimes installed on windows for safety can become severely compromised over time thanks to the weather, and in particular the sun. This is difficult to clean, so you might consider removing it. But that is a time consuming job that takes a lot of effort. Using a company with good cladding cleaning services will mean that this is no longer a problem. The security film can easily be removed using a special soaking method that does not damage the glass underneath. If you want to install new security film after the windows have been cleaned then the surface is ready for you to do so. See Brilliance Ltd can take on all types of cladding and make them sparkle.

When You Need The Best In Cladding Cleaning, Contact See Brilliance Ltd

If you are installing cladding to your home, or if you are moving into a building that already has cladding attached, cladding cleaning is something you will need to take care of. Get in touch with the experts at See Brilliance Ltd to take advantage of our many years of experience in cleaning and maintaining cladding. Our website ( offers a wide range of options. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to our friendly team on 01635 230 888 or [email protected] We can clean any type of cladding and we pride ourselves on getting the job done to your ultimate satisfaction.