Cladding Cleaning Services: What Is uPVC?

Cladding cleaning services are available for all types of cladding including glass, wood, stone, and uPVC. But what is uPVC? uPVC stands for ‘unplasticised polyvinyl chloride’. It was created accidentally in 1872, when Eugen Baumann and Henri Victor Regnault left a flask of vinyl chloride out in the sun! Thanks to that mistake, we now have uPVC, the world’s third most produced type of plastic. Estimates suggest that over 40 million tonnes of uPVC has been produced since 1872, and cladding cleaning is keeping a lot of that looking lovely. But, why is it so popular in cladding?

Cladding Cleaning: How To Clean uPVC

UPVC accounts for around 87 percent of all cladding, and has many benefits when used in this way. One of the reasons that cladding or facade cleaning services are called upon to deal with uPVC so often is its durability. When constructing a building, the best kinds of materials to use are the ones that are going to last the longest. It makes sense because if they need replacing every few years it is going to become very expensive. uPVC is often used to replace older cladding during cladding maintenance exercises because it won’t rot or corrode no matter what the elements throw at it. It is also easy to arrange for cleaning uPVC cladding to be done, and there are no potential issues regarding the use of water. uPVC used to have to be cleaned using lots of chemicals which were bad for the environment and didn’t smell too nice either. Professionals now have much better alternatives, which also out class the use of sprays and soapy water, which were counterproductive when faced with staining. The problem is that if uPVC is not cleaned it starts to degrade. This combined with the fact that people underestimate the effects of natural affects, such as moss, means that uPVC often goes unwashed. Good cleaning companies can use a specialist, natural, uPVC restorer to remove signs of neglect. This combined with high pressure from hoses should clean all the dirt away.

Stone Restoration UK: How To Clean Stone Cladding

If you don’t like the idea of uPVC cladding, then there are other options. One of these is stone cladding. In the past, stone cladding has had a bit of a bad name, with the idea that it is somewhat dated. However, this has now changed, and stone is popular again. With new materials and techniques, it is a great thing to use. However, you should bear in mind that stone will require some form of cleaning and cladding refurbishment eventually. There are specialist companies who can carry this work out for you, so there is no need to worry about doing it yourself. Stone restoration UK wide can be carried out on manmade products such as concrete, and also on natural products including sandstone, marble, granite, and terracotta. This can be done in a number of ways. The first is cold water pressure washing. This is a flexible, portable way to ensure that cladding is cleaned – and when you hire a good company to carry the work out for you, you might even consider setting up a monthly (for example) cleaning regime. This way your stone cladding will remain looking good throughout the year. Another method for cleaning stone cladding is steam cleaning. This is a great way to remove smaller pieces of dirt, and it’s also environmentally friendly as no harmful chemicals are used in the process. See Brilliance Ltd are able to offer all of these services and much more, to keep your cladding looking great.

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