Graffiti Removal

See Brilliance is a professional graffiti removal and cleaning company with over 30 years’ experience.

We use our non-damage system which removes all types of graffiti including from limestone, sandstone, brickwork, glass, metal and stone without the use of high pressure or abrasives.

We cover all the UK and remove all types of graffiti without damage and leaving no ghosting or shadows. The fact that we don’t use high pressures or abrasives means that we can clean old stonework without causing damage. This is the only graffiti removal system that is authorised for use on the World/English Heritage sandstone.  Awkward access is our specialisation.

Sensitive Surface Graffiti Remover

This solution is designed to remove graffiti from all sensitive surfaces. It is simply applied by brush and wiped off with a damp cloth. Sensitive Surface will remove all marker pens, posca markers and most aerosol spray can paints from all non-porous sensitive surfaces, without causing any damage.

Graffiti Removal

Spray Can Paint Remover

Spray can Paint Remover is designed for the removal of aerosol spray can graffiti from all porous surfaces. This unique product gently dissolves graffiti which can then be washed off using a low-pressure jet washer. It can be used to clean all porous surfaces, including; brickwork, sandstone, concrete, breeze block, pebble dash, marble and limestone. It enables spray can graffiti to be removed in its entirety (no “ghosting” or shadows) and without causing any damage
Graffiti Removal

Heritage Graffiti Remover

This is a specialist product that has been designed for use on heritage buildings, monuments and statues. It is used to clean all forms of porous heritage surfaces, but is especially useful when used as part of our low-pressure system for cleaning sandstone. Due to the way the solution works it enables highly porous sandstone to be cleaned without leaving any shadows or “ghosting”. It is currently the only solution that can be used on the sandstone that makes up the World/English Heritage area that is in Central Edinburgh.

  • One off emergency visits
  • Regular proactive programme visits
  • Application of Anti-Graffiti coatings
  • Full working at height/awkward locations skills using cradles, scaffolds, MEWPS and Abseil techniques