Glass restoration and cleaning

Professional interior & exterior glass restoration and cleaning

See Brilliance offers a specialist float & plate glass restoration process which provides a safe and odourless solution to remove

  • etching
  • soiling
  • staining and
  • concrete deposits

from the glass, without scratching the surface.

Our products contain ground volcanic rock at a particular BIM size, which removes soiling and limescaling but does not scratch the glass.

This method is often used on atrium roofs and large glass curtain wall buildings.

Glass Restorative Cleaning

Security film removal

If you have security film on your windows you may find that over time it becomes unsightly due to solar damage.

Using our special method, we can safely remove interior and exterior security film without scratching or damaging the glazed units.

First we carefully remove the film by hand, then the remaining glue deposits are cleaned off using soft volcanic powders. Finally all debris is removed after the cleaning process leaving your glazed units scratch free and looking like new.

Glazed wall after restoration


Stopsol was extensively used in the 80’s and 90’s but despite its flexibility of use, it reduced in popularity when it was discovered that Stopsol panels became stained and tarnished over time with pollution deposits. 

Our glass restorative cleaning system removes all pollution contaminants and leaves your Stopsol glass looking as new without scratches. 


Stopsol restoration