Cladding Cleaning Prices For Tenants At The End Of A Lease

Cladding cleaning prices are what a lot of tenants enquire about when they are coming to the end of their commercial lease. This is because modern commercial leases tend to have a covenant written in to the lease that restricts the ability for the tenant to carry out any alterations to the premises – whether internal or external.

This is often the reason why dilapidation claims can come about – because tenants have made such changes or alterations. While the term 'dilapidation' suggests that the tenant has left the building in a state of disrepair, this is not always the case – although cases of unwanted alterations and disrepair are often presented as one and the same. In either case, breaches of a covenant can lead to tenants being taken to court, so it is important to take such issues seriously. A problem that many are faced with when it comes to dealing with changes is the ability to return a building to the state it was in at the time of lease. However, the exterior of the building is perhaps the easiest to deal with if you look for specialist cladding cleaning services. This is because businesses may alter a premise by changing the colours of cladding and features on the exterior of the building. Cladding cleaning is the easiest way to perform a restoration. Instead of removing the altered fixture and replacing it with a brand new version of the fixture in its original state, restoration can take that original fixture back to its original look.

This is just one reason why many businesses turn to such restorative cleaning companies. Cladding cleaning prices for restoration are very favourable when compared to hiring a company to replace any altered exterior features. At See Brilliance Ltd, we perform such restoration on cladding and facades at a price that is affordable. Visit to find out more, call us on 01635 230 888 or email [email protected].