Graffiti Removed at Central Park 2, Nottingham

The Problem

Central Park 2 is prominently located on Lenton Lane, within the heart of Nottingham’s premier commercial area and provides 30,438 sq ft over three floors of office space.  The property had become a victim of unwanted graffiti and had walls with unwanted images on.  It’s also a fact that once a building has been marked with graffiti it becomes a target and soon attracts more of the same – so prompt removal is advisable.

Creating a feel good factor

We are affected by our environment and people don’t usually want the place they come to work to, to look rundown and poorly maintained.  Keeping Central Park 2 clean and presentable can influence how people working there feel.

The Results

We used ‘Spray can remover’ in conjunction with ‘Heritage remover’ supplied by the UK’s leading anti-graffiti chemical producer, we first applied spray can remover using a pump sprayer to saturate the affected area, then a second coat of Heritage was applied using a pump sprayer. This was then left to soak for 10-20 minutes and then doffed off, a second application is then applied over any stubborn areas.  See the photos for the great results achieved.

Graffiti removed
Graffiti Removed