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Case Study: The DOFF Steam Cleaning system in action

The DOFF Steam Cleaning system is a method of restorative cleaning that we use in combination with See Brilliance specialist products and techniques to restore a wide variety of commercial or historic building facades and exteriors.

The DOFF system uses superheated steam at high temperatures (up to 150°C) and low pressure to remove dirt, grime, paint, graffiti, algae, moss, and other unwanted materials from surfaces. It is particularly effective on stone buildings, monuments, historic sites, and a wide range of commercial facades at any height.

As a Rosette Approved Contractor for DOFF Steam Cleaning, See Brilliance has decades of experience restoring commercial building facades and historic sites using the DOFF system. With its effectiveness in restoring all sorts of exterior building surfaces back to gleaming condition, we use DOFF Steam Cleaning because it is gentle and non-damaging to surfaces.

Powerful yet kind to surfaces

Despite relying on high temperature and low pressure for the best restorative finish possible, our experienced DOFF operatives ensure that pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. This protects the cleaning surface from damage and ensures that it dries off quickly – usually within minutes.

Due to its effectiveness, speed, and versatility, DOFF is the ideal restoration system for a huge variety of commercial building facades as well as most stone buildings, monuments, and UK Heritage sites.

In fact, the DOFF Steam Cleaning system is so well regarded that it is often the restoration system of choice for English Heritage and the National Trust.

How does the DOFF Steam Cleaning system work?

Water is heated to a high temperature (around 150°C) in a boiler within the DOFF machine. This creates superheated steam, which is water vapor at a temperature above its boiling point.

Our operatives control the flow of steam using controls on the DOFF machine. When the machine is activated, steam is sent through a hose and lance to the cleaning area. The lance has a nozzle that controls the pressure and direction of the steam.

When the superheated steam comes into contact with the facade or stone surface, it lifts dirt, grime, or other unwanted material. The high temperature of the steam helps to loosen and break down any bonds that hold dirt to the surface. This is particularly effective at removing organic material such as algae, and inorganic material like paint, graffiti, and even hardened chewing gum.

The DOFF Steam Cleaning system is both quick and effective at removing stubborn dirt and materials without the use of harsh chemicals. This makes it the ideal candidate for restoring a huge variety of surfaces back to gleaming condition without harming the surrounding natural environment.

DOFF Steam Cleaning in action

To illustrate how effective the DOFF system is, let’s look at a recent project: the comprehensive exterior renovation of a 300-year-old Grade II listed hotel and national landmark in the heart of the Cotswolds.

See Brilliance undertook this ambitious project, meticulously restoring several grand stone elevations of the extensive hotel buildings to a condition unseen in years.

Detailed site surveys conducted by See Brilliance informed the restoration strategy for the vast stone facades. Due to the age of the main hotel building, DOFF Steam Cleaning was chosen to complete most of the restoration work without damaging or eroding the soft limestone exterior.

See Brilliance operatives got to work, using DOFF Steam Cleaning to safely yet meticulous restore the stone elevations of this palatial hotel. Restoration work was also conducted on exterior window and door frames to revive the overall look of the building.

Before and after photo of DOFF Steam Cleaning on a stone facade with windows

Using See Brilliance specialist products and techniques combined with the versatility of the DOFF Steam Cleaning system, our operatives restored the site’s exterior back to pristine condition throughout. All ‘at height’ restorative cleaning works were completed using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) and Tower Scaffold.

On completion, See Brilliance operatives had successfully restored exterior stonework and facades of the main hotel building, ballroom, resort wing, conference theatre and resort wing courtyard.

Before and after photo of DOFF Steam Cleaning on a sandstone facade

The importance of visual appeal in commercial property exteriors

First impressions matter, especially in business. A building’s exterior tells a story before a word is spoken. That’s why visual appeal isn’t just an aesthetic perk but also a strategic edge.

Studies show that clean, attractive commercial spaces can boost employee productivity and make customers feel more welcome. Beyond simple aesthetics, a well-maintained building facade can improve facade longevity by reducing long-term damage from corrosion. This is particularly crucial where older buildings are concerned.

Commercial facade restoration systems like DOFF Steam Cleaning can also reduce the need for maintenance and repairs in the future. That’s a win-win for commercial building owners and tenants.

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See Brilliance has been a leader in commercial exterior building restoration for more than three decades. Our vast experience in specialist restorative cleaning covers all types of facade surface including precious stone, metal, and glass.

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