See Brilliance Case Studies

These case studies highlight effective ways that Cladding Consultants, Architects, Surveyors, Landlords and Building Owners use See Brilliance to clean, restore and maintain their building facades.

Completed Powder Coated Façade

Polyester Powder Coated Façade, Glazing and Mosaic Tiles

To restore surfaces as opposed to re-spray or replacement. Access via House BMU, Abseilers & MEWP

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Anodised metal surface after restoration panel

Anodised Façade

Anodised aluminium heavily oxidised. Heritage order prevented replacement or over-cladding/spraying.

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Project:	To restore as Heritage order prevented replacement/over-cladding

External Stainless Steel Façade

Stainless steel cladding heavily soiled and with rust tea staining. 

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Glazing after restoration

Glazing and Anodised Facade

Concrete damaged glass & anodised frames.

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Project:	Pre-cast concrete leaching organic deposits on glazing and frames.  Doffed stone 	and sealed with D-Tox then restored the glass and frames.  All floors now let 	helped by these works.

Completed Stone Façade

Pre-cast concrete with polyester powder coated frames and glazing work. 

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Graffiti Removed

Graffiti Removed at Central Park 2, Nottingham

Central Park 2 is prominently located on Lenton Lane, within the heart

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