Building Facade Cleaning - Something That All Tenants Should Consider

Building facade cleaning is something that all tenants should be aware of even before moving into a new property. The modern lease contains many provisions regarding the upkeep, condition and repair of premises. When a lease comes to an end, it is expected that the landlord will receive premises back in a good condition.

The problem for many tenants is that another of these provisions relates to any additions made by a tenant to premises during their tenure. Tenants can be expected to restore these alterations, regardless of whether the tenant perceives these building changes to be “improvements”. Many tenants believe that landlords will not stick rigidly to such provisions, and that they are just ‘legal speak’. However, many tenants find out that such requirements are strictly enforced by a landlord. So, tenants should not take such requirements lightly, and should ensure that they are aware of their duties as laid out in the original lease agreement when it comes to building restorations. In addition to alterations, it is often the exterior facade of a property that can end up not being maintained to such an adequate standard, thus causing further problems for the tenant at the end of the lease. However, there is an affordable way to ensure the upkeep of such exteriors – by hiring a company to perform both facade cleaning and cladding cleaning. For those in office blocks, this may only involve washing and cleaning windows; but for those in other types of rented buildings, this can take in the whole external aspect of the property.

At See Brilliance Ltd, we provide our building facade cleaning and restoration services to tenants, landlords or building owners. Whether it is for when a lease is ending, or for the purposes of providing surveys for dilapidation claims, our experts are on hand to offer our building cleaning services. For more, visit If you'd like to talk to our services team, just email [email protected] or call 01635 230 888.