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See Brilliance has over 30 years of experience in specialist restorative cleaning of Metal, Glass and Stone. We offer an excellent cost-effective alternative to re-spraying (approximately one third of the cost), or replacing (approximately one twelfth of the cost), ideal for dilapidation claims and often used at the end of a lease term by landlords and tenants. Our second-to-none reputation has become renowned throughout the industry. We are often specified in tender proposals and used by Industry Consultants, Facility Managers, Architects, Commercial and Industrial Property Owners and Surveyors.

What we do

Specialist products and nationwide service

Our specialist techniques and products restore and protect facades, enhancing company and property image by leaving a protected finish to an almost ‘as new’ condition and appearance.
Utilising advanced systems and certified skill, our results are achieved by using products that are eco-friendly, generally non-abrasive and non-hazardous to protect the surface layers once the work is complete.

Our products remove the dried-out polymers, leaving a protective silicon/wax layer, without reducing the micron thickness of the substrates. Leaving an excellent finish that is aesthetically pleasing.

Providing a cost-effective alternative, our range of services reduces on-going maintenance, restoration and refurbishment costs, whilst at the same time, enhancing the image of company buildings.
We offer full technical and practical support and can arrange free site surveys and reports, subject to location. Each project is individually assessed to ensure suitability and cost effectiveness for best results.

Our Services

Façade/Cladding Restoration

Providing exceptional results in the restoration of all types of building facades and cladding for over 30 years

Glass Restoration

Float & plate glass restoration for the safe and odourless removal of etching, soiling, staining and concrete deposits

Stopsol Glazed Panel Restoration

Stopsol panel restoration using specialist cleaning systems to remove all pollution contaminants, leaving panels looking ‘as new’

Graffiti Removal

A comprehensive yet non-damaging system to safely remove graffiti from most surfaces including stone, brick, concrete and tiles

Concrete Removal

Removal of concrete debris and ghosting stains from buildings of any size and height, provide almost complete restoration of the surface

DOFF Steam Cleaning

Non-damaging cleaning of stone, brick, K Rend, Sto Rend, concrete and tiles. Suitable for the removal of algae, graffiti and chewing gum

Latest News

The importance of professional facade and cladding restoration

The importance of professional facade and cladding restoration

The UK’s towns and cities have been built around stunning buildings both old and new. We’re rightfully proud of our architecture, be it from the incredible Walkie Talkie building in London through to Dover castle and Winchester Cathedral. As much as we adore and respect our Heritage buildings, however, the fact remains they need care and attention just like any other. Even though many Heritage buildings are preserved in part to their...

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What is glass façade and cladding restoration? How does it work?

What is glass façade and cladding restoration? How does it work?

Proactive maintenance matters, from simple windows to entirely glass facades and architecture. Glass façade restoration services are a practical investment, with projects from teams like ours here at See brilliance conferring significant savings in maintenance – and...

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning and how does it work?

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning and how does it work?

There’s more than one way to produce a great, clean finish that’s gentle to a building’s façade and the environment around it. See Brilliance has a number of tricks up its sleeve, and one of the most commonly used by our teams is DOFF Steam Cleaning. This method of...

Graffiti Vandalism – Time for Removal

Graffiti Vandalism – Time for Removal

What makes art… art? At its best, graffiti sends cultural shockwaves through society. It can achieve international fame by artistically depicting – or mocking – political issues. At its worst it’s just blobs of paint on the concrete walls of a beautiful city street....

It’s Raining Concrete: Pollution & Damage to Windows & Facades

It’s Raining Concrete: Pollution & Damage to Windows & Facades

Sometimes, a building can suffer damage to its aesthetics and structure through no fault of its own. As is often the case, we’re seeing this trend appear strongly in many areas of London where buildings are crammed together as close as can be. The problem lies in...

“Facade refurbishment is a big part of our business and have found by using See Brilliance as true partners we have both successfully undertaken some very challenging landmark projects delivering them to our clients on time and budget.”

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